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There is a wealth of herb books on the market to choose from.  Here are just a few of the quality herb books available that I have read and can recommend. Use the links here to purchase these books from Barnes and Noble, or use the link at the bottom of the page to search for other books at Barnes and Noble.

 Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy, by John Boik
It seems almost monthly we hear about another herb or food that can help treat or prevent cancer. Even the NIH has a section for examining the potential of natural compounds to treat cancer. This book reviews most of the research done in the area in a highly scientific way. John Boik gives a background of the research on over 3 dozen natural compounds, their toxicity and recommended dosages. There is finally a place to get all of this information. This book is good reading for scientists and physicians as well as patients wanting accurate information on the subject.
 Kids, Herbs & Health, by Linda B. White, M.D. and Sunny Mavor, A.H.G.
If you were ever worried about treating your children at home using herbs this book will guide you through appropriate treatments. Written by a physician and an herbalist, this team tells you what is safe and what symptoms to look for.
 Herbal Teas, by Kathleen Brown
"Herbal Teas" contains many recipes for daily health and well-being.  Making your own teas is a nice way to use herbs from your garden and a nice way to relax after a hard day of gardening.
 The Herbal Drugstore, by Linda B. White, M.D. and Steven Foster
This book, compiled buy a team of qualified authors, gives you alternative treatments for 70 different diseases. You also get information about drugs used to treat these diseases and potential drug-herb interactions that may occur. Cindy Jones is a contributing writer and editor to this book.
 Growing Your Herb Business, by Bertha Reppert
Interested in an herb business? Find all you need to know from Bertha Reppert, founder of The Rosemary House.
 Growing 101 Herbs That Heal, by Tammi Hartung
In this book, Medical Herbalist Tammi Hartung explains the ins and outs of herb growing from a professional grower's perspective. If you are interested in the commercial side of growing, this book will get you started.
 Henna's Secret History: The History, Mystery and Folklore of Henna, by Maria Anakee Miczak
This is a well researched, accurate and academic portrayal of the henna plant, Lawsonia spp., through the ages. The author not only discusses the use of henna as art and dye but as medicine, perfume and ritual. You can also learn more about this book and henna at
 The Herbalist's Garden, by Shatoiya and Richard de la Tour
Need inspiration for your garden? Visit 10 exceptional herb garden, most of which are also designed as education centers. Learn about the herbalists who planted the garden and what their favorite herbs are. This book is sure to set you thinking about your own garden.
 Family Herbal, by Rosemary Gladstar
A driving force in the field of herbs, Rosemary Gladstar has put some of her vast knowledge on paper to share with all of us. Find useful information on health, home remedies and herbal history.
Medicinal Plants of the Southwest
 Essential Aromatherapy

Have you reached a point in your career where you have found the need for additional information in the sciences? Try one of the following books on anatomy & physiology or beginning chemistry:

An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students - A question and answer format starting with basic principles and working up from there.
Essential of Human Anatomy & Physiology - a beginning level but thorough text.

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